Words on Wheels

Closing the Word Gap


30 Million Words — that is reportedly the difference in the amount of words that a child from a low socioeconomic family hears versus a child from a middle class or affluent family by the age of 3 (U.S. Department of Education, 2014). This literary dilemma is commonly referred to as the "word gap." The word gap begins pre-birth and continues to widen until children reach kindergarten and beyond. As passionate and concerned citizens, it is on us to make a difference for the younger generations of today — and tomorrow. 


With the call to be creative in our educational solutions to deliver a world-class education for all children, we have partnered with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) at the University of Dayton to launch "Words on Wheels" in the Spring of 2017. "Words on Wheels" is a book bike that will transform our communities by exuding a love of reading. The very nature that "Words on Wheels" will be created by young, passionate and selfless Black engineers on a college campus will inspire those that the bike reaches well beyond human imagination. 

Many think that libraries have become a "thing" of the past. We are here to change that notion by challenging the very definition of what a library is, what is represents and how it engages it's community members. Gone are the days that we stand idly by hoping that a child wonders into places with print-rich literature, assuming they have the access and our the means to do so, in the first place. We are committed to taking the library to them — to the streets; in which our organization was born and founded upon. 

Inspired by Ednita Kelly (pictured below), a Librarian of the Los Angeles Public Library, we are making a commitment to place a minimum of 1,000 books into the hands of children, youth and families annually. "Words on Wheels" is our next creative endeavors to make book deserts and the consequential word gap obsolete. 


As our signature initiative to close the word gap by placing books free-of-charge in the homes of countless families with our book bike, "Words on Wheels" will enable us to go beyond the surface level areas of our community to serve those that have fallen through the cracks of invisibility and illiteracy. 

Picture a child playing in their yard on a spring day, only to be met by a community literacy warrior riding a bike around the neighborhood giving out free books and stopping for an afternoon Saturday read on the lawn. From that moment on, the child will run to the wind like that of an 8 year old running to get money for the ice cream truck during an July evening. That is the quintessential experience that "Words on Wheels" will bring countless children in our community.   

Be the change in helping us make "Words on Wheels" a reality. Donate today and spread the "word!"